Hey, I am Romain.

People often ask me how to pronounce my name:

I am a French director based in Brooklyn.

I believe in thought-provoking stories, inspired by cultural movements, filled with authentic characters and built to entertain, whatever the format: documentary, scripted, music video, ads or short digital content.

First as a strategist, then as a creative and a director, I had the chance to create content in very diverse companies: the ad agency TBWA\PARIS (2006-2010), the online video-sharing platform Dailymotion (2010-2014) and the media company VICE (2014-2018).

I am now producing and directing content through my production company, Saturated, and working as a freelance creative director for agencies and publishers.

I have a fascination for horror movies, inherited from my childhood’s sleepless nights after watching Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and Mary Lambert’s “Pet Sematary”.


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