In the Loop

Content: Talk Show

Client: Parc Asterix

Broadcaster: Dailymotion, Direct 8 TV (now C8)

Role: Original Idea, Creative Director, Executive Producer

"Parc Asterix" is a theme park dedicated to the most famous comic character in France.

This original series takes the classic talk show interview off the traditional TV set and put it on the Park's most extreme rides.

In France the show was named "La Grosse Baffe" (Big Slap), referring to Asterix's best friend, Obelix, who's favorite practice is to slap the Roman enemy.

The show featured French talent from the music, TV and stand up comedy scenes who all answered the questions of a host (online video creator Coudy) as if they were receiving a big slap in their face

The show was released on the video-sharing platform Dailymotion and caught the attention of a French national TV channel who programed it in access prime time, generating massive earned visibility for Parc Asterix.